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Jul 9, 2012 5:00am EDT
. this was during the rangers/twins game last night in texas. top of the fourth inning. all of a sudden, they hear a loud crack and the players run off the field, umps too. cameras even went black for a moment during that game. rangers officials said the lightning struck north of the stadium -- not hit the facility. texas won that game following a 46-minute delay, while the players got their nerves back together. >> i know. it sure rattled some. it shook the whole stadium, did you see that? >> yes, that's the smart thing to do, get out of there. let's go to tom kierein now, talk about what we can expect today, tom. >> that was a balk. did you see that? the pitcher balked. >> definitely. >> should have given him a base. there's a live view we just saw over the jefferson memorial. thankfully, things have settled down this morning after some overnight downpours and thunder and lightning. a lot of that is now on the eastern shore. they're getting some of that heavy rain, thunder and lightning, but around the metro area, thankfully, a lot of lightning has stopped, and so has the rain right around washi
Jul 10, 2012 5:00am EDT
billowing in the air at night. the lines of light in that -- that's interstate 10 in el paso, texas. the fire is 87% contained. >> a raging fire, and very tough to fight as well. >> did they snap that with a regular camera? or some piece of equipment? >> i'm sure they have special equipment, right? >> seemed like a regular photo. pretty impressive. >> a good flash? zoom lens? >> i can see texas from outer space. >>> 5:11. time for weather and traffic on the 1s. >> a regular point and shoot camera would get a shot like that. looking down from space on our part of the world. partly cloudy. patches of color. getting showers, and temperatures around the region, 60s north and west of washington. around quantico, maybe a shower. hometown forecast by mid morning, any shower activity should end. noontime, upper 80s. and near 90 by mid afternoon and around the 80s. a look at the rest of the week in ten minutes. good morning, daniela. >> traveling in the district. not seeing any incidents. no accidents to warn you about. checking into virginia, earlier we had road work set up at arlington bou
Jul 18, 2012 5:00am EDT
and texas governor rick perry says anyone running for office should be as transparent as possible. perry did not specifically name romney in his comments. >>> a peninsula let's zer prize winning columnist has died. he passed away yesterday at his home in the district. he had prostate cancer. raspberry wrote about essential issues for 40 years in his "washington post" column. his writing appeared in more than 200 newspapers nationwide. he retired in 2005. william raspberry was 76 years old. >>> the time right now is 5:37. good morning, everyone. we're hearing from the man who bit into a needle in a sandwich as a tsa issues a message for travelers. >>> but first -- [. >> steps one neighborhood is taking to win its bat with the birds. >> a very warm start to the morning as we prepare for another day of flirting with triple digit temperatures. just how hot is it going to get? weather and traffic is on the switching to progressive could mean hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. rchltsz you'll hear more big booms i
Jul 25, 2012 5:00am EDT
." hemsley was also a singer and an air force veteran. he died at his home yesterday in el pass to, texas. hemsley was 74 years old. >> a funny guy. saw him in "all in the family." really funny guy. >>> you can turn to youtube to help relieve vertigo. researchers at the university of michigan found 64% of videos posted on the site that show how to do the eply maneuver like this one correctly. the maneuver loosens calcium crystals that build up in the inner ear, which when done correctly can save you a trip to the doctor. vertigo is chronic dizziness that effects 6 million americans each year. >> i don't know. watching video, having someone mess with your head and ear. >> so many things you can learn on youtube. >> some things you want to leave to the professionals. >> tom kierein is on it. >>> first light of day showing up on the eastern horizon. yesterday afternoon we had the scattered storms around. now they're long gone. nice area of high pressure, a gift from canada has visited us bringing us lower humidity and cooler temperatures. all these areas of green in the 60s. that includes mo
Jul 27, 2012 5:00am EDT
dash cam video from texas showing a crash that injured three people. police say officers were on a routine traffic stop when the car sped off. the suspect then drove into on democrats coming traffic and smashed into another car. the suspect, a passenger in his car, and the driver of the other car, were all taken to the hospital. the driver of the other car is in ycritical condition. >>> the man sexually abused by jerry sandusky in the penn state showers plans to sue the university. the victim's identity is not being released right now. lawyers for the victim though say the school's reckless behavior contributed to the abuse. they also claim the abuse lasted many years after that shower incident. lawyers released a voice mail left by sandusky just last fall, and in those voice mails sandusky can be heard saying i love you to the victim. >> i was just calling to see -- i didn't know whether you had any interest on going to a penn state game this saturday. and when you get this message, give me a call. i'll just talk to you later. thanks. love you. >> in the meantime, sandusky's
Jul 17, 2012 5:00am EDT
obama is hoping to bring in a record haul for his campaign today with two fund-raising stops in texas. first the president will visit san antonio and speak with 1,000 donors at the city's convention center. he will then head to a private fund-raiser at the home of an attorney. then he will fly to austin music hall before a private event at the home of dell computer financial chief tom meredith. the campaign hopes to bring in more than $3.5 million, a record for the president for a single day in the state. >>> for a second weekend in a row the member of the first family will go to virginia. she will go to charlottesville and fredericksburg. he's trying to hold on to a slim lead over mitt romney in virginia polls. >>> vowing to respond promptly to allegations that some of its employees acted unethically and in some cases illegally. the internal watchdog says a number of workers investigated. broke conflict of interest rules and accepted gifts from bank execs. they say the majority of workers obey the strict ethics pol simplths new this morning, one of the busiest bridges between the u.s
Jul 23, 2012 5:00am EDT
as the school tri >>> at least 11 people died and 12 others were injured in a crash in south texas. officials say a heavy-duty truck blew a tire and slammed into a tree last night just north of corpus christi. state troopers and golliad county sheriff's say many packed the cab and the bed of the truck. immigration and customs officials are also taking part in the investigation. >>> 5:16 right now. today the ncaa will likely drop the hammer on penn state. college sports governing body will announce its punishment against the school for allegedly covering up abuse by former assistant football coach jerry sandusky, and that punishment is expected to be unprecedented and severe. there are reports that sanctions will include a steep fine, a loss of scholarships and a ban on bowl games. the school will likely be spared the so-called death penalty which would have suspended penn state's football program for at least a year. >>> the statue of former head coach joe paterno no longer stands in front of the football stadium. the university removed it yesterday. the school's president says it's become a
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7